Lucia Arcagni

«Find a job that you love and you will never have to work in your life»

I grew up in a small village in Patagonia (Argentina), surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests. My father and my siblings had a great influence on me, today the mountains mean respect and passion for me. I was able to learn to ski very early and the Enjoying snow sports together with my family. Eventually we all became ski instructors.

My first experience as a ski instructor was in Andorra when I was 21 years old . 6 years long, I have been teaching guests from all over the world in Andorra and Patagonia. So I was able to do two things that I love in perfect combination of teaching and traveling. The well-known and beautiful destination Engadin – St. Moritz was the next discovery. I fell in love with the unique high valley and its snow culture.

Fortunately, I found the family-run PassionSki ski school and quickly felt at home there. We share many common values, such as passion. It felt like I had found my place in the Engadin. Seven years have passed and a dream has come true. After more than 20 seasons in the snow, my joy of skiing and teaching remains unchanged.

I am there for you or your family, whether it's on the snow or to find out helpful information about the Engadin. I always have a good tip for you, because the Engadin has so much to offer. I speak fluently Spanish, English and Italian.

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