PassionSki prices

Winter season 2024-2025

30.11.2024 – 27.04.2025

Private lessons

Alpine skiing, telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing
Prices are up to 3 people, for additional participants we charge CHF 40.- per day and person

2024-2025 High season
Full day 6 hours per day flexible times, meeting point in hotel or ski area CHF590.00 CHF 570.00
Full day 5 hours per day flexible times, meeting point in hotel or ski area CHF 490.00 CHF 470.00
Half Day Morning 3.5 hours Start 09:00 / 09:30 / 10.00, meeting point at the hotel or ski resort CHF 390.00 CHF 240.00
Half day afternoon 3 hours Start 12:00 / 12:30 / 13:00, meeting point at the hotel CHF330.00 CHF 210.00
If you book "full day", you will have an additional 1 hour lunch break
Do you have any other wishes? With us almost everything is possible. Feel free to ask, we are happy to help you
Share your private ski instructor instead of group lessons  
  • Find passionate skiers who want to share an instructor with you and enjoy a fantastic skiing experience together. Our private lesson rate is valid for 1-3 people, so you could greatly reduce your costs and have fun.
  • We will help you find it with a post on our platform and on social media.

The demand for group lessons is so low that we have hardly been able to form any classes in recent years. We very much regret that we will no longer be able to offer group lessons from the 2022-23 winter season.

Freeride/Ski touring

Swiss patented snow sports instructor with federal certificate:
Ski tour up to difficulty level WS and variant descent up to ZS. Difficulty scale according to the Swiss Alpine Club. Ideal for good skiers with little or no experience off-piste. The snow sports instructor will coach you in the best possible way, both technically and personally, in unprepared snow. 

Patented mountain guide IVBV I: Normal day ski tour or freeride in the ski area. 
Patented mountain guide IVBV II: Large or very difficult ski tour (z.Bsp. Piz Palü, Piz Bernina, multi-day ski tour with overnight stay in a hut.

Together with our partner Helibernina we organize attractive "packages" with helicopter flights ...

A reservation is considered definitive and guaranteed after a 100% advance payment!


Private tour, 1-3 people 2024-2025
Freeride guide "snow sports instructor", easy ski tours or freeride in the ski area CHF590.00
Patented mountain guide IVBV I, normal day ski tour or freeride CHF690.00
Patented mountain guide IVBV II, unrestricted ski touring-and freeride opportunities CHF790.00
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