Story by Marek Cavojsky, summer 2017

I was already in the late afternoon when I received the news that the final decision is that we will try to reach a summit, I couldn't believe .

I looked out the window and couldn't see more than a hundred meters into the distance. I had rained from time to time all day but the forecast was that it should clear up for the whole night. The forecast was correct at 8 p.m. when we finally started, it was already cloudless with a beautiful sunset.

It took us almost three hours to climb the first thousand meters to the first snowfield, but no one was in a hurry because we knew it was going to be a long night. Also, some of my friends went straight after work. Snowfield was like a never-ending one, but by the time we got to the first crevasses it had become really exciting.

At 4 a.m. we reached the summit of Hvanadalshnukur 2110 meters – the highest peak in Iceland. The sun was only a little above the horizon and I remember the faces of all my companions who were lit with happiness so I could have walked with my eyes closed on the way down from time to time 🙂 At 9:30 am we got back to the parking lot. GPS pushed 28 km, so another amazing night adventure was over ...

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