Snow sports instructor

Nina Pufek

I was two years old when I first put on skis and close to the local mountain in Slovenia


Dario Gasparini

As a child I loved winter and the snow. I remember it as if it were yesterday: every snowfall was magical! I


Stephan Koller

Patented snow sports instructor with federal certificate and sports instructor. As a teenager, I competed in ski races, from 2002 I have been teaching in the Engadin and discovered mine


Marco Balz

I love nature, the mountains, the cold, the snow. Skiing is a family tradition and a great passion. Get out early in the morning


Elias Ruegger

I am currently studying piano at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne. So my great passion is music and there is only one


Christophe Steck

It all started many, many years ago with one season as a chef in the Engadin! Wild descents in powder snow with locals

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